Career Advancement Tip: Always be on Time and Avoid Tardiness

Career Advancement Tip: Always be on Time and Avoid TardinessIn these hard times, losing a job because of excessive tardiness is just unacceptable. Being always behind time at work can hinder one’s professional growth and career advancement. If there is movement in a company, employees with good performance and work ethics are the first ones to be considered. Who would want to give a great opportunity to someone who doesn’t respect the time of the company and his co-workers?

To avoid getting late, here are some tips that can help you arrive in the office on time and prepared for a good day of work.

Prepare the clothes you will wear and stuff you will bring to work before going to bed. Make sure that everything is ready and you don’t have to iron clothes or clean your shoes in the morning. Organize your stuff and place everything you’ll need in your bag.

If you drive to work, always make sure your car is always set to go when you go home after work. That means the fuel tank is full, the tires are not flat, the batteries are working, etc. Check your vehicle during the weekends and have the necessary maintenance work done. This way, unnecessary delays because of a sudden car breakdown is avoided.

Get a clock with a loud and irritating alarm tone and don’t place it anywhere near you. Instead, place the clock in a table on the other end of your room. This will force you to get out of bed to deactivate the alarm.

Don’t stay up late on a work night.  It is difficult to get out of bed when you had just a few hours of sleep. A full  eight hours of sleep will make you feel refreshed and energized.

Take a route with lesser traffic. If it is faster to commute than to drive, take public transportation.

Determine the average time it takes to travel from your place to the office and add 15 minutes.  This will be your guide to determine what time you should leave home.  The additional 15 minutes will serve as an allowance in case something comes up on your route and traffic builds up.

Eliminate distractions such as radio and television while preparing for work in the morning. Also avoid taking calls unless during an emergency.

If your job is important to you, you will do everything to come on time everyday. Hope these tips help.



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