Five Common Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

Job ApplicationYou think you are qualified for a job and have an awesome personality to boot. But why are recruitment officers not hiring you? The answer could be one of the most common job application mistakes listed below:

1. Your resume screams: Job Hopper!

The job application process starts with the resume. However, listing down short-term stints on your resume will do more harm than good. Any employer will think twice before hiring someone who only lasts a month or so in a job position. Nobody would like to invest on training someone who will just leave eventually.

If you have a series of short-term stints, say jobs that lasted only a month or two, don’t include them on your Work Experience list. Instead, state in the Personal Information section of your resume that you have held a few short-term positions in the past year and explain the reason why they only lasted that long. Make sure though that your reason is valid. Add that you are now looking for a more permanent position and very interested in working for the company.

2. You seemed uninterested.

The recruitment officer was impressed with your resume and immediately contacted you to arrange for an interview.  However, you failed to answer her calls or reply to her email. That will send the impression that you are not interested with the job and give her attention instead to applicants who replied to her calls and emails.

To prevent busting a  job opportunity, answer calls and emails immediately. If you missed a call, return it as soon as you can and don’t wait for the recruiter to call you back. Remember that these people have other things to do than follow up on applicants that seem uninterested in the job.

3. There’s nothing much to see on your online profile.

You signed up in an online job search website but failed to fill up all the necessary information on your profile. Employers will just ignore profiles with nothing on them. They want to know as much about a potential employee as possible but if you want to exude an air of mystery in your profile, you may not get the attention of these people. Online job search websites usually have thousands of profiles in their database.  If you want to get noticed, provide all the pertinent information that will make recruiters pick up the phone and contact you.

4. You freak out the recruitment officer.

You have a very impressive work experience section in your resume but the recruitment officer didn’t even bother to read the entire list because she saw the attached photo of you and your nose and brow piercings. If you really need to attach your picture on your resume, use one that presents you in the most presentable and professional way.

5. You come across as being unprofessional

Typographical and grammatical errors on your application letter and resume are big no-no’s. Make sure to only send out professionally written resumes, sans any form of errors. Ask a friend or family to proofread it for you. They might see mistakes that you haven’t seen while writing the resume.

Always remember that the key to getting that job is by setting a good impression.


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